Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Hidden Place at Ingleby Gallery

A site specific wall drawing is currently on show at Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, and continuing until 25 September 2010. From their website:

"The Hidden Place is an alternative map of Scotland. Place names tell of old cultures, of history, geography, industry, religion and myth. Scottish place names have their origin in several languages; Gaelic, Pictish, Norse, English, French, Latin and Scots. In The Hidden Place over 100 place names are replaced by phrases revealing the original meaning of these names. Each place becomes a piece of condensed folk poetry, revealing the riches of the past with a quiet lyricism; bay of the bent grass, place of pebbles, slope of brightness. The Hidden Place is one long poem about the land and its people."

The Hidden Place has also been release as a limited edition three-colour screenprint - for more details, look here.